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Domain Names News

  1. Uniregistry has closed the books on the 1st quarter of 2018, racking up $13 million in sales including at least 4 previously unreported 6-figure sales.
  2. Non .com domains took 6 of the first 12 entries on our Top 20 Sales Chart last week but the .coms were back in control this week sweeping 17 of 20 chart entries.
  3. It looks like South America will be getting a major domain conference of their own. We have details on the Domaining Americas event coming to Brazil in October.
  4. New gTLDs claimed three of the first 7 positions on our latest weekly domain sales chart led by the biggest sale ever reported in this category.
  5. Donuts announced a record-breaking new gTLD sale this morning after closing a $500,300 all cash transaction for Vacation.rentals.